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Supporting the mobility of our customers.

For 100 years, Athlon’s mission has been to support the mobility of our customers. This was the case back in 1916, when the company was known as RIVA (Reparatie Inrichting Van Automobielen), and is still the case today. Over the years, Athlon has developed numerous innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable initiatives in the area of mobility and car leasing, throughout Europe.

Mission & Vision


To deliver the best car leasing and mobility solutions in ever changing customer needs.

  • We commit to a personal approach of our customer engagements.
  • We are at the leading edge of new and emerging market trends and technologies.
  • We deliver sustainable products, services and consultancy that will reduce the total cost of mobility.
  • We provide operational excellence and superior added value to our customers and shareholders.


To be the leading European provider of car leasing and mobility solutions.

  • We deliver innovative, sustainable and cost effective solutions to our customers.
  • We strive to be the trusted advisor and facilitator for all of their car leasing and mobility needs.